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Nashville Chiropractic – What does a chiropractor do? Doctors of Chiropractic are health care professionals who specialize in musculoskeletal and nervous system conditions and the impact they have on a person’s overall health. Emphasis is placed on alleviating pain in the back, neck, joints, relieving headaches‚ and correcting conditions that cause this pain.

The rigorous educational requirements for chiropractors are similar to the requirements for your family doctor.
Like most other health care practitioners, chiropractors are licensed at the state level, by a state board of chiropractic
examiners. Most states also require Chiropractic Doctors to complete a number of hours of continuing education each year to maintain their licenses.

What are the advantages of chiropractic?
Chiropractic treatment is non-invasive, unlike procedures such as surgery. Drugs, particularly addictive painkillers, are not part of the practice. Normally, the cost of treatment is far lower. And often, people who have run out of other medical options find chiropractic treatment provides relief.

Many people have concern and are skeptical about chiropractic care. So, is chiropractic treatment safe? No form of medical treatment is totally without risk. However, since Chiropractic treatment is drug-free and noninvasive, it has an exceptional safety record.

Prior to treatment, your Chiropractor will take a detailed medical history. It is important to give thorough answers, even if you are not sure a health condition has any bearing on your chiropractic therapy. This will enable your Chiropractor to rule out treatments that are not appropriate for you.

Conditions commonly treated by chiropractors

-Headaches – throbbing, dull or sharp pain, pain that persists, sensations such as light or warmth that often precede migraines, restricted neck motion, light sensitivity

-Herniated disk – symptoms differ per the location of the affected disk but may include lower back
pain, pain in one leg, numbness in the back, chest arm or leg, muscle spasms

-Joint pain – pain, stiffness, sensation of warmth, swelling, tenderness

-Pinched nerve – sharp pain, numbness, tingling sensation, muscle weakness

-Sciatica – sharp pain that travels from your buttocks to your leg

-Fibromyalgia – widespread pain lasting longer than three months, fatigue in muscles and tendons, a number of tender spots on the body, morning stiffness, short-term memory loss, headache, insomnia

-Scoliosis – spine curves to one side, difference in height of shoulders or hip, head not centered over torso, teens and adults may have pain

-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – tingling, burning sensation, pain or numbness in fingers, palm of the hand, wrist or forearm, finger stiffness in the morning, weak grasp

Chiropractic offers many benefits to older adults. It is no secret that as we age, our bodies change dramatically. Muscles shrink and react more slowly. We have less of the fluid the body needs to remain supple and strong. Bones lose mass and become more fragile. We are more susceptible to musculoskeletal injury. When we are injured, it takes longer to heal. Yet, when we seek treatment, we are more sensitive to medications and surgery carries greater risk. Given this set of circumstances, medication-free, noninvasive chiropractic treatment is ideally suited to most older people. In working with the elderly, Chiropractors use gentle techniques appropriate to the aging body.

Ongoing wellness and preventive care are important elements of treatment. This may include recommendations on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Chiropractic care can help alleviate pain, improve joint function, boost mobility,increase balance and coordination, and decrease stiffness. Although it’s not a fountain of youth, chiropractic can do wonders in improving your comfort and quality of life.

Do not wait any longer. Call you local Chiropractor today and make an appointment and begin to enjoy pain relief, more energy, and improved overall health.


The American Chiropractic Association (800) 986-4636.
Chiropractic America, LLC
International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

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